TRUSTEE VACANCY – Westcountry Rivers Trust

The Westcountry Rivers Trust is looking for a new Trustee.  Formed in 1994, the Trust was established to restore Westcountry rivers.  Measures to protect rivers can help to save money for farmers, lower costs for water companies, boost tourism, reduce the need to dredge estuaries and even benefit human health.  Everything the Trust does is informed by the best available science. Their work is driven by an ‘ecosystems approach,’ considering the function of the entire catchment, not just the rivers that flow within them.

Today this thriving charity works with a wide range of stakeholders from landowners to local communities, businesses, farmers and water companies to restore and protect the rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local economy.  In addition, a growing number of individual volunteers and groups are becoming increasingly involved in the work of protecting rivers.  We are seeking to support and embrace groups as they form, encouraging them to deliver our remit and targets under our guidance as well as strengthen our educational offer.

We need, therefore, to develop the resources required to do this effectively and are seeking to create an education and engagement fund.  We believe that this fund will allow us to sustainably release resources to deliver this work and we are looking to grow both a capital investment sum but also secure annual donations on a rolling basis to go alongside small-scale funding from grant giving trusts.

We are looking for a Trustee who has the experience to guide and support us on how best to meet and work with those individuals and organisations who share our vision and are able to contribute to the development of our education and engagement strategy.

Please contact Jackie Dawkins at Shine Charity Recruitment for further information and additional documents.

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