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What is Cued Speech?

Cued  Speechuses the natural lip patterns of speech with a handshape close to the mouth which disambiguates sounds that look the same on the lips, for example M, P, B.   This simple code replicates every sound /phoneme of speech, at the speed of speech. It turns most spoken languages into 96% accurate visual language for the deaf. It is based on visible phonemes thus giving the receiver direct access to literacy. It is very different to the pictorial BSL which has no written format  

There are many thousands of success stories of individuals and families who have used Cued Speech to comprehend their country’s language, some from a few months old and some in adulthood.

Cued Speech UK currently has a gap on their board for two Trustees with financial/business or medical/education background. This is at a time when the charity is expanding their work and going through a change process which includes re-branding and developing a trading arm to the Charity.

This is an exciting period of change and new skills are needed on the Board to support the strategic plan which includes careful budget planning and more emphasis on PR and marketing of the products. The charity currently have an annual budget of between £250,000 and £300,000 and 95% of this comes from funding applications to Charitable Trusts.  They have eight  members of staff and currently have seven Trustees, this includes three parents or grandparents of deaf children (now adults) one deaf adult, a teacher of the deaf.

Please contact Jackie Dawkins ( if you would like to find out more.

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